How to grow a beautiful garden?


Growing a beautiful garden is not an easy task. Here you need to think over everything in advance. Let's look at a few common mistakes.

In books on gardening they write that it is equally important for a summer resident to solve current and global problems. Today we will talk about the newbie's tactical mistakes.

Then we will meet

Often, the owners of new large plots do not immediately use the entire area. A detailed acquaintance with the territory is left for later. This behavior is called a tactical mistake.

The fact is that each plant has a number of requirements, without which it will not produce fruits or will not survive at all. If you own a new plot, plan in advance what you want to grow on it. Check which plants are right for you. Plan where they will be located. Find out what kind of soil you have and what is typical for it. Learn all the details right away. Don't leave white spots!

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Let's plant an apple tree first!

As a rule, when developing a new plot, the gardener follows the common myth that fruit trees need to be planted first.

This is completely wrong! Fruit trees last forever. It is better not to transplant them. In general, any perennial planting requires careful soil preparation and research of the entire site. Start in your vegetable garden. So you will ensure that by next spring you will have loose soil saturated with useful microelements.

So faster

Remember! Under no circumstances should you work with a hoe or shovel on unmown or insufficiently cut grass. Firstly, this way you will expend more energy. Secondly, during work, the grass will surely sow its seeds into the newly loosened soil. In this case, it is better to spend time on a good mowing and remove weeds from the site in advance.

They will shut up!

In hot weather, many amateur gardeners limit themselves to just one watering of newly planted seeds. They are guided by the fact that the landing can "lock up" and disappear. And this is another common myth. On the contrary, freshly planted seeds should be watered as often as possible. Especially in very hot weather. This will speed up the germination process. Of course, getting carried away is also not worth it. Maintain a level when the soil is wet, but do not let it puddle.

Watering should be taken very seriously at first. The point is that there are dormant seeds. They may have been on the counter for a long time. In this case, they go into deep hibernation. They are used to the fact that there are no conditions for growth and development. Not getting enough moisture from the soil, they continue to sleep. As a result, 30 percent of the total planted will rise. Isn't it a shame?

Let's do it in a moment

Gardening should be in a person's soul. If you do not have a craving for this, it is better not to do it. Nothing good will come of it anyway, just spend your strength.

You need to nurse your plot like a child. Put your soul into it. The work must be carried out in a planned manner. The garden does not forgive "riders" who are ready to do everything in one day. There is no need to flaunt on the site Give him an hour a day. Dig it up today, plant it tomorrow. Everything should be smooth and thoughtful. Remember: if you hurry, you will make people laugh

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