710 Gardening Secrets: What No One Is Talking About

 1) Salt the onion.  Before planting, it is recommended to soak the onion in salt water for 3-4 hours.  100 g  salt in 5 liters of water.

 2) Cucumbers with milk and honey.  If the seeds of cucumbers are soaked in milk before planting, then the fruits will be softer, in honey water - sweeter.

 3) Cut off the leaves.  2-3 days before planting in the ground, we cut off 2 lower leaves of tomatoes.

 4) Do not water.  The first 12-14 days after planting, it is better not to water the plant, the roots will develop into the ground and the plant will suffer less from dry periods.

 5) We stimulate.  A week before planting in the ground, we spray the plants with epin (growth biostimulant), after a week we repeat it again.

 6) Plant Alaska nasturtium nearby to scare whitefly off tomatoes.

 7) To make the garlic larger.  Plant it in soil enriched with peat and sand.  For 1 square meter - 2 buckets of peat, 0.5 buckets of sand.

 8) Balm for tomatoes.  Fill 1/3 into a barrel with nettles, a bucket of mullein, 2 shovels of ash, 2 kg of yeast, 3 liters of whey.  The solution is infused for 2 weeks, then add the root and the tomatoes will grow before our eyes.

 9) Greens for fertilization.  For 10 liters of hot water, 1 kg of green grass.  It is infused for a day, we water 3-4 liters per 1 sq.  m.

 10) We fight snails.  Cut the pieces of laundry soap and put them in 1.5 liter plastic bottles.  Place them all over the garden, the snails will crawl there, and then they should be placed in a bucket of salt.