Sugar beet is an industrial crop that is used to produce sugar and ethanol-gasoline, which can be substituted for diesel fuel.  But, what is most remarkable, it is recyclable without any waste.  So what can be produced from such a multifaceted culture:

 🍠 Molasses (molasses) - used in the production of citric acid, alcohol, glycerin, yeast and organic acids.  Also molasses is sometimes added to livestock feed, as it is very high in calories.

 🍠 Pulp is beet shavings, almost devoid of sugar (no more than 1-5%).  It is used as a nutritious and succulent feed for pigs and cattle.  And also in the pharmacology and food industry

 🍠 Defective or defecating lime-lime fertilizer.  Its introduction contributes to an increase in the sugar content in beets, as well as an increase in the yield of some crops.

 🍠Botva- quite nutritious food is also made from it (dried, then processed into flour or granules).  Also served as feed and raw

 🍠 You can also get excellent liquor, liqueurs and moonshine from sugar beets, which is due to the content of a large amount of the standard in it