How to sow star fruit
How to grow star fruit 

Star fruit can be grown at home. The plant reproduces well by seeds. For planting, you need to choose a ripe fruit of the variety you like in the supermarket. The plant is easy to care for, even for a beginner. Look at the photo, what an unusual beautiful shape the fruit has. Tropical stars decorate dishes and are widely used in cooking.

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    Varieties and varieties of star fruit 

    Asia is considered the birthplace of the fruit. At home, he is as popular as our cucumbers or apples. In the heat, the fruit can quench your thirst, since the pulp is very juicy and has a sweet and sour taste.

     Carambola was acclimatized in Brazil, Israel, Thailand, and the Hawaiian Islands. As soon as they do not call carambola: tropical star, camrak, illicium, carambol, etc. On the territory of Russia, a relative of this plant grows - oxalis.

    how to grow star fruit
    Star fruit is eaten raw, and desserts are also prepared from it.

    star fruit is an evergreen tree up to 12 m. Fruit is eaten with the skin. Moreover, different varieties differ in taste and resemble our  plums , an apple with grapes, a gooseberry with a plum aroma.

     Locals value varieties with sour fruits. Unripe fruits are used as vegetables, and ripe fruits are used as a dessert. The leaves of the tree taste like spinach and are widely used in Indian cuisine. Flowers are used as a spice, added to salads.

    Interesting facts about Kamrak

    1. ◑Fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and acids,

    2. ◑ macronutrients. Fruits, flowers and leaves are used as a medicinal plant.

    3. ◑Fruit juice can be used as bleach to remove stains from clothing.

    4. ◑The pulp can be used to polish copper or brass products.

    5. ◑Kamraka juice can relieve hangover and thirst.

    6. ◑If the fruits are boiled in sugar syrup, they become very fragrant.

    7. ◑The fruits are pickled, salted, added to meat dishes and stews, and decorated with cocktails.
    how to grow star fruit
    The pulp of star fruit is very juicy and healthy

     When to sow and suitable climate?

    Something to be considered is how plant carambola this tree grows in tropical and subtropical climates, therefore, it can be grown in areas where the temperature variables have between 18 and 30 ° C . It must be in an area no higher than 1,200 meters above sea level for proper development. 
    Although it can survive short periods of drought and frost, young trees are more susceptible, so they must be protected. This is because they are highly susceptible to sudden drops in temperature.
    Because it is a perennial fruit tree, it does not need to be planted at a specific time in tropical areas . However, in subtropical areas where it can be exposed to frost, it is recommended that it be sown after the winter season has passed, so that it can grow in a more favorable temperature and environment.
    Another tip on how to plant star fruit is that it should be planted in an area that can receive sunlight, but is also protected from the wind. This is because the crop is very susceptible to high winds. If you live in an area with a lot of wind it is important to build a wind protection system.

    Star fruit Soil structure 

    The most appropriate land to plant the carambola tree is sandy and clayey soils, with an acidic pH of pH 5.0 to 6.8 . However they can also thrive in calcareous and alkaline soils thanks to their great adaptability .
     It is important to mention that calcareous soils can cause deficiencies in micronutrients such as Zinc and Magnesium.
    Since the trees are constantly adsorbing nutrients from the soil, it is advisable to pay perseveringly with an organic compost or compost . 
    Something to keep in mind about how to plant carambola is that it should be created as a small mountain or slope where it is planted to avoid waterlogging the ground, since the roots of the tree can rot.

    How to sow star fruit step by step

    How to sow star fruit

    Seed propagation or germination
    In case you want to extract the seeds from the fruit, you must cut the fruit until you find its seeds. You should choose those carambola seeds that are thick and in good condition . Remember that not all carambola fruits have seeds. Later you must clean the pulp of the seeds and let them dry .
    When the seeds are dry they become hard, so it is appropriate to soak them so that the outer layer softens and the germination process can begin . After they have been soaked for 8 to 12 hours, you should place them in a hotbed with damp moss and cover them lightly. 
    It may take 7-15 days for the seedling to sprout under favorable environmental conditions, and it may even take several months in winter. This container should be in a warm place, but away from sunlight.

    Star fruit sow in pots

    Carambola is planted in pots temporarily once it has several branches. This usually takes a month under favorable environmental conditions. 
    This should be kept in a pot for about a year and it may even take longer. It will have to be transplanted to the ground when it is of the appropriate size and strength to withstand inclement weather.
    The first thing you should do is prepare the pot to suit the carambola plant. A tip on how to plant carambola in a pot is that the container should be at least 20 centimeters long and we must make sure that it has drainage holes in the bottom. 
    During the growth of the plant in the pot, enough water must be supplied and it must be ensured that the plant receives the sun.

    Star fruit landing

    It doesn't matter where you got the carambola fruit - in a local store or brought from a trip abroad. The most important thing is to choose a ripe fruit without damage and carefully remove the ripe seeds from the pulp. Ripe carambola has a bright yellow color. Pay attention to the edges of the fruit.

     Fleshy ones indicate a sweet fruit, while narrow ones are usually sour. Smell the fruit, the more pronounced its aroma, the more ripe it is. There is no fully ripe star fruit on Russian counters, since the fruit is imported from afar and it is simply impossible to bring ripe fruit of a marketable form. star fruit ripens for several weeks on the shelves or in the refrigerator.

    how to grow star fruit
    With proper care, tropical fruits can be grown on a windowsill

    The seeds lose their germination very quickly, so they need to be planted without delay. The seeds are washed with warm water and soaked for 10 hours. After soaking, the seeds are sown in individual pots with universal potting soil and vermiculite. Expanded clay must be laid at the bottom - it will provide drainage. The seeding depth is 1 cm. 

    The pots are placed in a small greenhouse. The germination time for each seed is individual, it usually takes from one week to a month. Young borings are provided with illumination so that the daylight hours are 13 hours.

    If you have planted seeds in a common box, then when the third leaf appears, the seedlings must be planted in individual containers. Later planting injures the root system and reduces the percentage of plant survival.

    Young plants need to be sprayed with heated water to ensure high humidity.


    Advice. The fruits of star fruit contain oxalic acid. Therefore, people with gastrointestinal problems should eat star fruit in small quantities so as not to exacerbate the disease. Excessive consumption of fruits can disrupt salt metabolism in the body and lead to renal pathologies.

    Star fruit ground transplant

    This plant should be transplanted onto the tree after 1 year or until it reaches optimal conditions to withstand the local climate.
    The day before transplanting the shrub, it must be watered abundantly with water so that it resists the change of soil and does not wilt. 
    It should be noted that it should be planted in an area where it receives sunlight during the day and where it is protected from gusts of wind , either behind a wall or protected by other trees.
    You should also prepare the ground in advance to improve its drainage. To know if it has good drainage you must dig a hole of 30 cm and see if the water drains in less than 2 hours. Use sand if the soil retains a lot of moisture.
    The planting distance depends on climatic factors and the soil, but generally a 9 meter space is left between each tree. When transplanting the tree , a guide tube should be placed to protect its branches and guide its growth.

    Care, fertilization and feeding

    star fruit needs minimal maintenance. Since the plant is able to bloom and set fruits all year round, it needs a lot of nutrients. Top dressing is carried out once a quarter. Complex fertilizers are used for plants. With a lack of iron, the plant may develop chlorosis.

    The plant practically does not need pruning. Basically, pruning is done in order to form the crown.

    star fruit needs to be transplanted into a larger pot annually. The soil mixture should have a slightly acidic reaction, in no case alkaline. A drainage layer is required at the bottom of the tank to drain excess water.

    how to grow star fruit
    star fruit seeds

    The plant loves the sun, but direct sunlight from the southern windows can burn the leaves. Carom feels bad in dry climates: it is necessary to maintain air humidity, spray the plant, especially on hot days. 

    The plant has one feature - its leaves curl up at night, but if this happens during the day, you need to sound the alarm. The seedling needs an ambulance, something is going wrong. 

    With a lack of moisture in the soil, the seedling can completely discard the entire leaf apparatus. When watering, it is important to maintain a balance, since excess moisture impairs the respiration of the roots and contributes to the formation of putrefactive diseases. The plant may die.

    The optimum growing temperature for a tree in the summer is from 20 ° C. In winter, it should not fall below 15 ° C.

    Star fruit irrigation

    Being a tropical and subtropical tree, it requires a sufficient supply of water in a range of 3 to 4 times a week . In winter, depending on the amount of rain or humidity of the land, it may not be necessary to water it. However, special care must be taken with young carambola trees in the dry season , providing irrigation that keeps the soil moist and conducive to the plant.


    Star fruit reproduction

    The plant is propagated in several ways:

    • vaccination;
    • seeds.

    Vaccination allows you to get a tree with fruits that have certain flavor characteristics. In our conditions, this is practically unrealistic. For our climatic zone, only seed reproduction is available. 

    Growing star fruit from seeds, it is impossible to predict what taste the seedling will have. Sweet or sour. The skin color can also vary from yellow-green to apricot and brown.

     Therefore, several seedlings are grown at once, and when the plant begins to bear fruit, a specimen with sweet fruits is left.

    how to grow star fruit
    star fruit seedlings

    Diseases and pests of star fruit

    Since star fruit is new to our latitudes, it has not yet gained "popularity" among pests and diseases. The plant can be harmed by a kidney nematode, cases of damage by a fruit fly have been noted. Excessive watering or stagnation of water in the sump contributes to the development of fungal diseases: anthracnose or phyllosticosis. The alkaline reaction of the soil can cause chlorosis in the seedling.

    Star fruit Storage

    Star fruit does not increase in sugar content after harvesting and therefore, for optimal sweetness and flavor, it should be selected when the fruit turns from green to a yellow color in the groove between the ribs, while the tips of the ribs remain green. The fruit can be stored in plastic bags for up to 21 days in the refrigerator.

    how to grow the carambola tree

    In short, we can consider this fruit as a natural laxative.

    Benefits and properties

    A small fruit with a lot to offer:

    The star fruit is one of the lowest calorie exotic fruits available. 100g of fruit provides only 31 calories, which is much lower than any other popular tropical fruit. Nonetheless, it has an impressive list of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins necessary for well-being.

    The fruit, along with its waxy rind, provides a good amount of dietary fiber, which helps prevent the absorption of LDL cholesterol from the diet in the intestine. Dietary fibers also help protect the mucous membrane of the colon from exposure to toxic substances by binding to cancer-causing chemicals.

    It contains good amounts of vitamin C, which is a powerful natural antioxidant. 100g of fresh fruit provides 57 percent of the vitamin C levels required daily for just the 31 calories mentioned above!

    Star fruit risks

    Starfruits contain caramboxin and oxalic acid. Both substances are harmful to people suffering from kidney failure, kidney stones, or kidney dialysis treatment. Consumption by people with kidney failure can cause hiccups, vomiting, nausea, mental confusion, and sometimes death. 

    Recent research has identified caramboxin as a neurotoxin that is structurally similar to phenylalanine, and is a glutamatergic agonist. While the levels of oxalic acid and caramboxin in star fruit are low enough to be processed safely by most of the general population, some researchers warn that the fruit and juice sometimes cause kidney damage or, rarely, failure. kidney in people with normal kidney function.

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