What the Best Take Care Of Garlic Pros Do (and You Should Too)

 ‣ As soon as the leaves of the garlic appear from the ground, the plantings are fed with nitrogen fertilizer.  To do this, dissolve 1 tbsp in 10 liters of water.  a spoonful of urea, 10 liters - per 1 m2.

 ‣ When the leaves of the garlic reach a height of 10-15 cm, they scoop the soil off the bulb, sprinkle it with ash and return the soil to its place.  This operation is repeated when arrows appear.

 ‣ When removing the arrows of the garlic, keep a few pieces.  From them, you can easily determine the optimal harvest time.  As soon as the wrapper cracks on the heads and the bulbs begin to look out, it's time to dig the garlic.

 ‣ To improve the health of the planting material, it is recommended to regularly rejuvenate the cultivated variety by sowing air bulbs.  In the first year of cultivation, one-toothed teeth are formed from them.  They are planted in the fall and get normal multi-toothed bulbs the next year.