The history of the Kitchen & Garden business began three years ago. Then 20-year-old student Yekaterina Bezzhon bought herbs seeds, pots and soil for a scholarship of 700 UAH. This money paid off at the very first fair, in the first 3 hours. There was no need to build greenhouses - Catherine's parents were engaged in the cultivation of cut flowers. However, Bezjon chose her niche herself - a mini-garden on a windowsill made of aromatic plants.

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    “These are herbs not for soup and borscht, but rather for meat and various drinks. The most standard ones - rosemary, thyme and mint - this is the set that should be the main one, ”says the entrepreneur.

    Demanding plants

    Bezzhon has a specialized education - she graduated from the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management, the Faculty of Forestry and Gardening. In summer, during the hottest periods, her working day begins at 6 am, because it is difficult to enter the greenhouse when it heats up. And you need to water the plants either early in the morning or late in the evening.

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    “If you water a plant during the day, the droplet works like a lens. The sun hits and can burn the leaf. And yet - all the pores on the leaf are closed for a day so that moisture does not evaporate.

    And when it is already cooler, or in the morning the plant can get more moisture. "

    A page on the social network and various fairs and festivals where Bezzhon comes with his products helps to find regular and attract new customers.

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    Unpredictable buyers

    Bezjon is still studying the preferences of his customers.
    “At one fair, they took out all the strawberry mint. Everyone comes and says how cool, how smelly! I take a lot of it for the next fair too. And nobody likes her! Everyone takes only an orange one, they say: how cool it is. For three years I have been constantly going to festivals, fairs, and I never guess.

    Volumes increase - costs increase

    Everyone loves lemon thyme. I took him to one of the fairs, so they sold out all the usual ones. I don’t know how to track it, ”the entrepreneur complains.

    Today, its customers are restaurants and PR companies, as well as retail customers, among whom are mostly women aged 25-45.

    One of her achievements, Katya believes that corporate gifts for hundreds of units are ordered from her. And no matter what fair Bezjon participates in, every third person knows the name of her company - Kitchen & Garden.

    Stage Unstable business

    The first fair cost Bezzhon 500 UAH. Now, thanks to the beautiful design of the window, sometimes she is invited to exhibitions and free of charge. She maintains all social networks herself, photographs and writing of texts are also done independently in the company.

    Bezzhon set the price for the first pot without making any special calculations - 35 UAH for a pot of 300 ml. Now Bezzhon estimates a pot of 1 liter in size at 95 UAH. Now it takes into account the cost of the fair, which are getting more expensive every year, plus transportation costs, workers' wages. On a permanent basis, Bejon employs two people, during the season and before the holidays - 4-5 people.

    “At first you do everything on your own, now you understand that in order to keep up, you need to hire more people. The volumes are increasing, the expenses are increasing ”. Kitchen & Garden's monthly turnover is seasonal.

    Sometimes there can be 5-10 orders a month, and before the holidays there are dozens of them. Ekaterina does not want to give plants for sale to supermarkets, because she believes that there is not enough light and care for them. But having her own network of flower shops is Ekaterina Bezzhon's dream. So that they are stylish, with a large assortment.

    Not flower boutiques for the wealthy, but affordable flower shops.

    “You read a lot of information about foreign family businesses. Mentally. For example, I would really like my own flower shop, like abroad. I was in Paris last year. There are a lot of shops in the city center, there are garden plants, and for a balcony, and a cut. These shops are incredibly atmospheric. We do not have such in Kiev, with such an assortment. I would like to develop a flower culture in the city, ”the entrepreneur concludes.

    Over the past year over 13,200 families have also already successfully used the very same technique 👇

    Backyard Miracle Farm Review ⚠️ Does Really Work ?