We all know that in the spring the first to bloom are not snowdrops, but seedlings on the windows of summer residents. But even if you don't have a summer cottage, growing your own vegetables and fruits at home is a great idea. Don't believe me? See how easy it is to grow not only flowers and greens at home, but even your favorite exotic fruits. We stock up on soil, and you can start!

1. From a tea bag

We need:

  • used tea bag
  • flower seeds

A used black tea bag is perfect for growing our seedlings. We take a still wet used bag, tear it open and place the seeds inside. We leave the bag in a warm place for 7 days and do not forget to wet it. When a sprout appears from the bag, it remains only to plant it in the ground - right in the bag.

sprout in tea bag

2. We grow coriander (cilantro)

We need:

  • plastic colander
  • paper towel
  • coriander seeds
  • large bowl of water

See how easy it is to grow your favorite coriander on the window. Take a regular plastic colander and put a paper towel on the bottom. Pour the seeds over it and cover with another towel, after which we thoroughly sprinkle the towel with water. Place the colander in a large bowl of water so that the seeds are in the water and leave in a sunny place. Don't forget to add water regularly. After 30 days, lush and juicy fresh coriander is ready to delight you with its taste!

fresh herbs

3. How to grow a mango

We need:

  • mango seed
  • paper towel
  • water 
  • freezer bag

Fragrant, sweet mangoes are not frequent guests on our table, because they come to us from distant countries and are not cheap. All the more reason to grow your favorite mango on your own window. To do this, simply wrap the fruit bone with a paper towel, sprinkle with water and put it in a bag with a lock. We leave the bag in a warm and humid place for 10 days. When the seed sprouts, you can plant it in the ground.

If you live in cold climates, the mango may never bear fruit, but even without fruit, the mango tree will look great on your window.

plant in the pot

4. Planting succulents

We need:

  • glass of water
  • cellophane 
  • rubber
  • knife

Succulents are the favorite indoor plants of the laziest gardeners. They not only do not require special care, but they reproduce very, very simply. It is enough to take a succulent leaf, especially a leafy one, and mark its tip in water. For example, if you cover a glass of water with cellophane, you can just stick a piece of paper into it. After 1-2 weeks, the roots will begin to break through the leaf, and it can be transplanted into the ground.

glass of water

5. Leftover carrots

We need:

  • water
  • plate
  • trimmed tip of carrot with leaves

Do not rush to throw the cut pieces of carrots into the trash can, because you can grow a new carrot from them! Pour some water into a plate and put the cut carrot "butt" into it, cut down. Do not forget to add water, and then in 4-10 days the greens on the cut carrots will begin to come to life. Then the carrots can be transplanted into the ground. 

Of course, this is not the most efficient way to grow crops, but it will definitely be a fun and exciting game for children.

grow carrots

6. Germinating sprouts 

We need:

  • plastic bottle
  • water
  • seeds
  • button

If you are not used to adding fresh sprouts to your food, such as watercress or wheat, then be sure to try it - because they are not only very healthy, but also delicious. To keep fresh sprouts close at hand, use this simple trick. We take a plastic bottle, pour water into it and add the seeds that we want to germinate. We close the bottle with a lid and make several holes in it, through which we then drain the water. We leave the bottle in a sunny place and wait until the seeds germinate. If necessary, moisten them with water again. After about a week, fresh and juicy sprouts can be added to food.

sandwich with herbs

7. Sponge instead of soil

We need:

  • sponge for washing dishes
  • plants' seeds
  • plate
  • water in a spray bottle
  • Bowl

We take a regular sponge and make several cuts in it. We place the seeds inside the cuts, then moisten the sponge with water. Place the sponge on a plate and cover with a bowl to make it look like a greenhouse. This design will help the seeds germinate, the main thing is not to forget to moisten the sponge with water from time to time. As soon as the stems of the plants get stronger, they can be transplanted into the ground right along with the pieces of sponge.

sponge for washing dishes

8. We grow corn

We need:

  • rice
  • water
  • ear of corn

This simple trick will help us grow corn right from the cob. To do this, we first thoroughly wash the rice in water. Rice can now be eaten, but pour water into a flat container and put an ear of corn in it. We leave it in a sunny place and wait, remembering to add water. After about 30-50 days, green shoots will begin to break through from the cob, and it can be transplanted into the ground.

ear of corn on a plate

Well, how? Have you already wanted to grow something? Then it's time to act!

The video will show you a few more simple and useful tricks for growing vegetables, fruits and even mushrooms in your own kitchen. 

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