The bromeliad is an ideal plant to grow indoors, most varieties of this plant easily thrive in the shade. It is actually a tropical plant but it can grow anywhere when grown indoors. It can even grow perfectly just with artificial light.



The Adiantum is a genus of ferns belonging to the Adiantáceas family. Its leaves are very delicate but they are not very difficult plants to grow. They need a humid and shady environment.


Palm trees


The c hamaedorea elegans  is the best known of the indoor palm trees. It needs minimal maintenance and very little light to thrive. It should only be watered when the soil is dry, it is very sensitive to overwatering.

Sansevieria trifasciata


The  Sansevieria trifasciata is a plant that requires little care. It can grow in the darkest environments in the house. And it is also very resistant.



The Philodendron is a whole genus of plants made up of more than 700 different species. Most are climbing plants and are native to the tropical areas of America. It can grow very well indoors but needs a bright environment without direct sunlight.

Sword fern


The sword fern ,  Polystichum munitum , needs acidic soils and humid environments. It does not tolerate direct sunlight and although it requires frequent watering, it is necessary to ensure that the soil drains well.



The Aglaonema is another plant that tolerates well the lack of light. It needs intense and regular watering as well as an environment with high humidity. It is a very sensitive plant to cold


Chlorophytum comosum


Chlorophytum comosum is a plant native to South Africa. Its foliage is green with cream-colored stripes, very attractive and decorative. Ideal for growing in hanging baskets or pots or by the window. It needs a very bright environment, although without direct sun that can burn the leaves.



The Spathiphyllum is a genus of flowering plants with species spread throughout the world. Tropical America and Mexico, Malaysia and the western part of the Pacific. Its flowers are delicate and of great beauty. They are easy to grow and maintain, they hardly need water or light to survive.

Carex morowii

Carex morrowii Variegata

At the Carex morowii  l and likes partial shade and moist soil. It is a type of sedge that is also used as an upholstery plant for shady areas and damp soils. Its foliage is also very attractive when grown indoors.

Epipremnum aureum


Epipremnum aureum , known as potos, is an ideal climbing plant to grow in poorly lit environments. You need an ambient temperature between 17ºC and 30ºC.



Peperomia is a genus of plants made up of more than 800 species. Due to its thick foliage it is often regarded as succulent although it is not. Peperomias like slightly moist soil but watering should be reduced in winter. Spraying the leaves of the plant with water is useful to maintain the required level of humidity.


Maranta leuconeura


The  Maranta leuconeura or prayer plant is also a tropical American plant. It needs an average temperature of about 15ºC to grow properly. It also needs abundant watering, especially in summer, and an environment with very high humidity.

Calathea genus


The Calathea genus is also made up of plants native to the tropical areas of America. It needs diffuse light, no sun, it does not support temperatures below 18ºC, it requires a very humid atmosphere and frequent watering.

Ficus pumila


The Ficus pumila or climbing fig tree is a small creeping plant that can be grown perfectly indoors as it does not need direct sunlight. There are varieties with very varied foliage that are highly decorative.

Cyperus alternifolius


The Cyperus alternifolius  belongs to the same genus as the papyrus ( Cyperus papyrus ) but is originally from Madagascar. It is grown as a houseplant although it can also be grown in ponds and in any field, thetruth is that it can grow anywhere.