When you do not have a lot of space in the vegetable garden, or you live in the city, it is quite possible to grow carrots in pots. Growing them is even fairly easy there, as long as you first choose the right varieties, a suitable container, and a thin, moist substrate.

In the following lines, here are the How To Grow Carrots in Pots

    Choosing the right varieties

    Carrot variety in pot planter boxTo successfully grow carrots in containers or pots, you must first opt ​​for suitable varieties. Indeed, the most common carrots are too long for this method of cultivation. So choose varieties with very short and stocky roots.

    Among them, we find the local round carrot which produces mini carrots with almost round roots, orange color and sweet flavor.

    The local carrot is also perfect for container cultivation, due to its roots that are barely 4 cm long. It is also very tasty and sweet.

    The half-long Nantes carrot can also be considered here, provided it is harvested before full maturity, so as to obtain mini-carrots.

    Select the right pot

    Carrots can be grown in large pots or planters , and with a minimum depth of 30 cm . Obviously, the deeper the container, the better. Likewise, the larger your pot, the more vegetables it can accommodate.

    Choose a pot with a hole in the bottom to promote drainage of the substrate, and thus prevent water from stagnating to the point of causing rotting of the carrots.

    carrot potted terrace balconyRound or rectangular, plastic, terracotta or stone… The choice is yours, while taking into consideration the weight of the pot in relation to the capacity of your balcony to support it.

    Choosing the right substrate for potted carrots

    Carrots need a well-draining substrate to grow properly. So fill your container with a substrate made up of 2/3 potting soil for vegetable plants, and 1/3 river sand , all with a little ripe compost added to it. The very fine soil should reach about 2 or 3 cm from the top of your pot.

    You can also use a special soil for seedlings or vegetable plants sold in garden centers.

    Sow your carrot seeds in rows in this substrate, making sure to space the rows 25 cm apart. Lead with the back of your hand and moisten the soil with a fine apple watering can. Thin out at the rate of one carrot every 8 cm when the plants reach the 4 or 5 leaf stage.

    Choose the right exposure

    Carrots are vegetable plants that enjoy the  sun all day. So opt for a location that enjoys good sunshine during the day. Light is therefore essential for the perfect growth of carrots. Be careful, the carrot dreads the scorching sun .

    Balcony, terrace, courtyard or patio… The place does not matter, as long as it offers sufficient light . Check, however, that the varieties chosen actually enjoy these conditions.

    Caring for the carrot in a pot

    carrot in jar maintenanceThe most important thing here is to ensure that the substrate remains continuously moist . Water your potted carrots every day in hot weather. In the event of prolonged drought, these root vegetables may need two waterings per day. You can mulch the surface of the pot to limit water evaporation.