how to grow tabasco pepper

Tabasco, or Capsicum frutescens, is known worldwide for the sauce with the same name, one of the hottest and most famous natural chilis on the planet. Learn how to grow tabasco pepper for your own spicy treat. All about the care, techniques and conservation of the harvest.


    What is Tabasco

    This plant can reach 2 meters in height and is of the bushy type , but nevertheless, it produces small and very spicy fruits . As a curiosity, what most attracts the attention of this plant is the birth of the peppers that are the continuation of the branch, giving the sensation of spears.

    The sauce

    And obviously, as its name suggests, it is the base ingredient of the hot sauce that has already spread throughout the world.

    The sauce contains, apart from the Tabasco: vinegar, water and salt that are left to marinate for a long time in oak barrels.

    Origin, the birth of salsa

    The origin of the pepper is from the territory with the same name "The city of Tabasco", Mexico and that is precisely where the production of salsa was born when an American, named Edmund Mcllhenny , bought a handful of these chili peppers from a traveler who came from those lands colored red.

    So this good man, Edmund, captivated by their taste decided that he could make a small garden where he would grow them for personal use.

    Time passed, stories and even wars that delayed the creation of salsa, but in 1868 Edmund began to create prototypes of sauces that he shared with his neighbors who began to ask him. Hence a company that lasts to this day was born.

    Huge Tabasco plant
    Huge plant growing


    How to plant Tabasco

    In order to plant this variety we have to know that:

    Where to plant

    The ideal temperature is warm, holding from 10 to 25ÂșC. Therefore in temperate and mild climates we can plant it.

    Locally, we can do it in soil and in a pot , taking into account that it does not require a large space to grow.

    Tabasco pepper land

    The soil with organic matter, sandy and with a good filtering will be enough, it is not a very demanding food.


    The more light the better, they appreciate the hours of sunshine.

    Tabasco pepper when to plant

    It can be planted at any time and it will take 2 months to flower and almost 3 to bear the spicy fruits. If we plant it in winter, at the end of spring we will be able to remove our first harvest. 


    How to plant tabasco pepper

    The planting is done by seed and it has to be planted very shallow and covered with a thin layer of soil so that sunlight can reach it.


    The irrigation has to be short but regularly , keeping the area with minimal moisture for the plant to go watering. Drip irrigation can make life easier, preventing us from spending so much time waiting.

     Tabasco pepper harvest

    From when we plant it until we have our harvest, it will take two and a half or three months, depending on the external temperature. This variety grows very upright at the ends of the branches and the coloration of ripening can be green or red.

    Harvest precautions

    Whenever we handle an irritating product, such as spicy food, we must avoid contact with the eyes or exposed wounds . Protect yourself with gloves or wash your hands well.a

    Tabasco pepper Seeds

    The seeds can be obtained by buying them online, in local gardens, in markets or by extracting them from other chili p

    Benefits and Properties of Tabasco

    • Slimming
    • Stimulates the circulatory system
    • Strengthens the heart system

    Do you lose weight?

    Yes, and in many ways.

    It loses weight by increasing the body temperature that makes us sweat. Sweating makes us dehydrated and lose water, therefore we will lose weight, although that is temporary because when we drink again, we will regain it.

    What is true is that it can accelerate the metabolism and make us have more caloric expenditure and thus lose a little fat. But it is not a great way to lose weight, it is best to eat balanced.

    In addition, on the other hand, and with science in hand, Capsaicin, which is the cause of itching, helps to stimulate parts of our body that raise the temperature, and forces us to consume energy and it is believed that the energy it consumes is fat directly.

    Nutritional value

    For every 100 g of Tabasco you have:

    • Calories : 12 kcal
    • Fat : 0.7 g
    • Hydrates : 0.9 g
    • Proteins : 1.1 g