Why Your Succulents Are Dying

Succulents have grown in popularity in recent years like never before, and that means you probably have at least a few succulents lying around. The problem is that not all succulents survive even though most of them are fairly easy to care for. Actually, there are 7 reasons why your succulents are dying, and today we will talk about each one of them so that from this day on… your succulents will never have to suffer again!

#1. Too much water

If there's one thing you really need to understand about succulents, it's that they don't really need a lot of water. They are related to the cactus family and therefore do not require a lot of water. Overwatering a succulent plant will lead to rot and in turn kill the plant. For best results, we suggest spraying the soil rather than direct watering.

#2. The Pot Is Very Small

People seem to love planting their succulents in cute little containers, but that's not doing much for your plant. Succulents need to be able to spread their roots, so consider upgrading your small pots to larger ones.

#3. No Drainage

Since succulents are often planted in unconventional pots, such as teacups, boots, or other decorative containers, this does not give the soil a chance to drain properly. If you want to plant your succulents in an unconventional pot, make sure there are drainage holes, otherwise your plant could suffer the consequences.

#4. Overcrowding

Having too many succulents in a pot or planter could spell disaster. Your succulents need room to grow, spread, and breathe, so if there are too many plants in one medium, consider transplanting some to a different pot.

#5. Your land is bad

Succulents love nutrient-rich soil, to ensure a good plant, mix some organic matter into the soil or try a planting mix designed specifically for succulents.

# 6. Your succulents are cold

Succulents are warm-weather plants, so one of the reasons they may be dying could be due to the simple fact that it's too cold for them. Keep them away from drafty places or anywhere where it might be too cold.

# 7. Transplant them

After a few months, your succulents will need to be transplanted into larger pots. Here's one of those super important tricks to remember when growing succulents - a healthy plant will thrive even more if transplanted every few months.