15 Best Necessary Gardening Tools for Seniors

People come to the summer cottage not only to relax, but also to work, or rather to plant flowers, vegetables and berries, mow and harvest the grass.

A happy summer resident is one who has different gardening tools for seniors that make it easier for him to work on the site, as well as one who has these tools well stored and each tool can always be found.

In our article, we will tell you about the most necessary gardening tools for seniors, tools for cleaning and cleaning the site, and also consider examples of how to store garden tools.

Gardening Tools and tools for tools Seniors 

Best Necessary Gardening Tools for Seniors: 1. Gloves.

Before starting any work in the summer cottage, you must protect your hands from the ground. To do this, you need to buy gloves.

On sale a large selection of colors, sizes, latex-based, rag, very dense for working with thorny plants.

gardening Tools

Choose thicker gloves for handling thorny plants

If you do not wear gloves, then the earth will be under your nails, your hands will be black and it will be difficult to wash them the first time. Wearing gloves, we protect the skin from dust, dirt, and various chemicals when treating plants with them.

gardening Tools

Garden gloves protect hands from dirt


To work on the site you need special shoes and the best are galoshes or rubber boots. In the rainy season, this is especially true, because the earth will stick to the sole.

gardening Tools

Rubber shoes for gardening

To remove dirt from galoshes, it is best to place a flat metal base near the entrance to the house. After land work on the site, we approach it, put on shoes and wipe the ground from each galoshes or boots.

gardening Tools

Grill in front of the entrance for cleaning shoes

The kneecap.

In order not to stain the knees on the pants, there is a special knee pad. You can sit on it and do garden work or put it under your knee joints. Most often, the material is polyethylene foam.

gardening Tools

Patella for garden work

The kneecap is also used on hikes, on a picnic, it can be placed in a cold train, for children on a swing or on a cold terrace (veranda).

For the older generation, it is better to use a chair or chair and table to do garden work, plant transplants.

gardening Tools

Convenient folding chair for gardening


A shovel is needed to plant a bush or tree. It is better to take with a long handle so that it is comfortable to hold in your hands and it fits different heights.

gardening Tools

Garden shovels with different handles

There are shovels that fold, these take up little space in the barn.

Ideally, there should be two of them. One is ordinary, for all types of work, and the second is with an elongated shape to dig out the beds.

gardening Tools

Folding shovel

According to the material, it is best to choose a shovel made of: titanium, aluminum or stainless steel.

Hoe, hoe

To loosen the soil, weed weeds - for these purposes we use the hoe tool.

A hoe is also used for this purpose as a hoe.

gardening Tools

Weed Hoe

Their difference is that it is convenient to use the hoe between the beds.

Watering can.

After planting seedlings, they must be watered. It is better to buy a watering can for a large volume so that you can water a large number of plants at a time.

gardening Tools

Choose a high volume watering can for watering a large number of plants

They sell a special nozzle on the watering can, so that irrigation is not one stream of water, but many different ones, according to the principle of a shower.

gardening Tools

Watering can nozzle

Sprayer for processing plants.

Often, garden plants are overcome by various pests. The sprayer is filled with a special chemical composition that fights pests on flowers, shrubs and trees.

gardening Tools

Treatment of plants with a sprayer

You can also breed a special composition so that there are fewer insects on the territory: flies, mosquitoes and horseflies.

Garden bucket.

A bucket is necessary in order to harvest from the garden, for example, tomatoes and cucumbers, to dilute fertilizer solutions, sometimes something is burned in buckets. You can pour water into a bucket, and pour from a bucket into a watering can.

gardening Tools

Plastic Garden Buckets

If you are landscaping the site with decorative stones, then you can transfer them in a bucket.

Usually a 10 liter plastic bucket is used.


Cut dry small branches on a tree, trim a bush, cut flowers - a pruner is suitable for these works.

gardening Tools

Choose a quality pruner for gardening

It is better not to skimp on this garden tool and take an average price range or more.


When you need to remove a large branch from a tree, cut it into several pieces for a fire. In this case, you will need a saw. There is a hand saw, and there is an electric one that works from the mains. With its help, you can cut down a branch in a matter of seconds.

gardening Tools

An electric saw will cut a branch in seconds

Organizer for garden tools.

To make it convenient to work and not to look for tools every time, you can buy an organizer for gardening tools, for example, which is worn on a belt. It has pockets for the necessary tools.

The organizer, which is attached to the belt, can be hung on a bucket or chair for convenience.

gardening Tools

Garden Tool Belt Organizer

You can do the organizer yourself, for example, sew pockets to an ordinary bag, or just put your gardening tools in a box and take them with you to the site when you work.

gardening Tools

Old jeans tool belt

Equipment for cleaning and cleaning the site.

Consider the inventory with which we remove and clean the summer cottage: a rake, a garden wheelbarrow, tools for mowing grass and a container.


The rake has not lost its usefulness in the garden area even now. With their help, hay, grass and leaves are collected.

gardening Tools

A rake is an essential garden tool

Garden wheelbarrow.

All the garbage is folded into the cart, you can transport seedlings, heavy, gardening tools, sand, earth, crops from the garden or large stones for decorating the site.

The most comfortable one-wheeled car, because it can drive even on narrow paths.

gardening Tools

The one-wheel garden wheelbarrow will travel along the narrowest paths

Grass mowing tools.

In ancient times, the grass was mowed with a scythe. Many villages use this method to this day. It takes a lot of time and effort to mow the grass.

Currently, summer residents buy a lawn mower or trimmer.

gardening Tools

Grass trimmer

Nowadays, there is a lawn mower - a robot that mows the grass itself without human intervention. The principle of her work is that she herself drives on the lawn and mows the grass while the person is busy with other things.

gardening Tools

Robot lawn mower


The container in the garden is a very useful thing. Especially for those areas where there is little sun and it rains now.

The more containers and barrels there are, the less puddles and water there will be on the site.

gardening Tools

Container for collecting water

Usually, the containers always contain water from natural precipitation and water the plants on the site with it. Also, this water can help to extinguish a fire.

Where to store garden tools?

Before putting away gardening tools, you must clean and wash them of dust, grass or dirt. Can be lubricated periodically with machine oil - this method will extend service life and prevent rust.
Garden tools can be stored in a garage, pantry, or shed.

Hand Gardening Tools for Seniors.Let's look at several ways to store garden tools.

Option 1.

You can paint cans for food, such as corn, then glue them together in one row or several and insert gardening tools there.

gardening Tools

Storage of hand tools in cans

Option 2.

Another option for storing gardening tools is to hammer a nail into the wall and simply hang them on it.

gardening Tools

Hang your gardening tools on nails

Option 3.

Another option is to buy a magnetic knife holder or several and hang it on the barn door. It's called "for knives," but you can also use it for gardening tools. Its principle is simple, you need to lean the tools against it and they become magnetized.

gardening Tools

Magnetic tool holder

Option 4.

Store garden hand tools in a dedicated organizer. For this, medium and large cloth bags for mothers are suitable, usually they have many compartments, pockets, as well as leatherette bags with compartments and pockets.

gardening Tools

Hanging tool organizer

Garden shovels, rakes, hoes.

Option 1.

Drive 2 boards into the wall at a distance (horizontally or vertically), make a mount in them where to insert the shovel.

gardening Tools

Recessed shelf for hanging garden tools

You can install the boards horizontally and make the indentations obliquely.

Before starting work, you need to calculate how much gardening equipment and make with a margin for the future.

Option 2.

Wooden pallets. You can do it yourself or buy a ready-made wooden organizer.

gardening Tools

Wooden pallets for storing Gardening Tools for Seniors

When there are different Gardening Tools for Seniors, it makes it easier to work in the garden and we can say that it is not work, but pleasure.

All gardening tools can be ordered online, bought in large stores or regular chain stores. In the summer, separate racks appear in them, where garden tools for summer residents are located.
In order for the work on the site to go faster, you can attract the help of loved ones. For children, you can buy kindergarten kits or small tools: a small watering can and a bucket, a shovel.