8 Indoor crops for the winter 2021
Potted lemon tree. Image: Fotografas Edgaras Shutterstock

You too can grow your garden even in winter. You can grow indoors during the cool season, from herbs to citrus . You just need to know which crops are best suited to these conditions.

There are some crops that are better adapted indoors, it is a matter of knowing them and creating the necessary conditions.

With a sunny south-facing window, combined with good artificial lighting, water, and fertilizer, you can grow the following plants indoors in winter.

Indoor crops for winter.

If you already have these crops in a pot outside, it will be enough to place it inside and create the necessary conditions. If you don't have them, you can plant them in pots and continue gardening even in the cold months.


8 Indoor crops for the winter 2021
Crops in the kitchen. Image: Sirtravelalot Shutterstock

You can grow dill, badil,rosemary,oregano,levender , mint, among other herbs. Peppermint is very shade tolerant, but must receive several hours of light a day in order to grow.

If you want to grow basil and dill , you must make sure that the room is kept at a warm temperature during the night.

Green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables like arugula, lettuce , kale, or spinach are easy to grow indoors . If you grow them from seeds or seedlings, you will have a better chance of success.

Place them in a sunny window facing south and they will not need additional light, you can also use artificial light on the cloudier days.

Cherry tomatoes.

They are one of the easiest fruitful plants to grow . The cherry tomatoes need lots of light. They should also be at a warm temperature both during the day and at night.

Hot chili peppers

They are also relatively easy to grow indoors, you can grow cayenne, jalapeƱo, habanero and others. Cayenne and small varieties ripen more easily . They have the same requirements as cherry tomatoes to grow.


Some dwarf citrus can be grown during the winter, many varieties ripen during this time of year. Keep outdoors in spring and fall by moving them indoors when the temperature is lower.

Oranges and grapefruits are more difficult to grow indoors than limes and lemons . These shrubs need 8 hours of sunlight in winter or 16 hours under artificial light.


It needs humidity and warmth to thrive, it must be grown in a large terrarium , it can be a fish tank at least 61 cm high. It needs good drainage.

To sow it, cut two-centimeter pieces of organic ginger  , leaving a sharp point. You should give it 8 hours of sunlight or 16 hours of artificial light.


They are the easiest foods to grow in winter . Soak seeds of alfalfa, sunflower , beans etc. for two days and then let them germinate  in a jar with a perforated lid.

You should rinse twice a day and maintain good lighting, but it does not require direct sunlight.


They are small shoots that are allowed to develop their first leaves. Unlike sprouts, you should plant them in a seedling tray filled with soil.

Soak the seed overnight to allow it to germinate, then cover it with a layer of soil . Always keep moist and harvest when the first leaves come out, cutting them with scissors just above the ground.