Growing an avocado at home

Most people believe that growing from an avocado seed is a very difficult task that not everyone can cope with. However, this is not the case. Absolutely every florist, even an experienced one, even a beginner can quite easily grow such a tree at home, and after a while and taste the delicious fruits from it.

The leaves of this plant are very wide, and the shoots are quite flexible, due to which you can easily form a variety of spectacular compositions from avocados. Most often, 3 plants are planted in one container at once, and then a very beautiful and unusual pigtail is formed from them as they grow. There is a belief about what a plant is, like an avocado, which brings romance and harmony to the house.

Growing process

To get started in the store, you should select and buy an avocado fruit. It should be ripe. In order to understand whether the fruit is ripe or not, you need to squeeze it between your palms and squeeze slightly, and then evaluate the result. A fully ripe fruit will quickly return to its original shape. But an unripe avocado fruit is also quite suitable, because after a while it will ripen. In order to speed up the ripening process, avocados should be placed next to fruits such as bananas or apples. They release a unique gas called ethylene, which makes fruits and vegetables ripen faster.

How to Grow Avocados in Pots

It is necessary to remove the peel from the fruit and remove the bone. They plant her necessarily on the same day. Typically, the sprout appears one hundred percent of the time. Three different methods have been invented and used to plant avocado seed:

  1. An unpeeled bone is planted in the soil. The pointed tip should point upward. And the bone must necessarily rise above the surface of the soil by 1/3 part. Watering infrequently, once every 7 days is enough.
  2. The bone is not cleaned, but toothpicks are stuck into it from three sides to a shallow depth (about 3 millimeters). Then the seed must be placed in such a way that the blunt tip is completely in the water, and at the same time the places in which the bone is punctured must not come into contact with the liquid.
  3. The bone should be cleaned and immersed in water, while 1/3 of it should rise above the surface of the liquid. In this case, the sprout will appear much faster, and you will also have a unique chance to observe the formation of shoots and roots.
Wooden or plastic pots? 

      All in all, you can't go wrong with any type of pot.
      I usually recommend wooden pot or plastic pots for the avocado tree.

Wooden and plastic pots are two of the most inexpensive types of pots.

      Wooden pots are the best pot for outdoor storage all year round.  These pots are incredibly durable and will last up to 25 or 30 years.  They also hold water very well, which minimizes the amount of watering.

      Plastic pots may not be the prettiest containers, but they are the most cost effective.  They are also the most versatile pot.  You can easily move them in and out of your home with little effort.

      Plus these pots are very durable and hold water well.  I personally use plastic pots for both of my avocado trees.

Buy ceramic pots

        While I highly recommend using a wooden or plastic pot for your avocado tree, there is nothing wrong with ceramic or clay pots.  Ceramic pots are the best drain pot on this list.  It simply means that you need to water as few times as possible.  At the same time, it is also the most expensive and the easiest to break.

        These pots should not be overlooked in cold weather and are a great option for indoor spaces or patios.

Seed germination

It is preferable that the seed to be planted is sufficiently large, since it then has a comparatively greater amount of energy to grow. The bone is soaked in well-settled water at normal room temperature (23-25 ​​degrees). Some flower growers recommend pouring very little crushed activated or charcoal into the water. But you don't need to do this, since the sprout will appear in plain water very soon.

The sprout may well appear after a week or a week and a half, but sometimes this can only happen after a couple of months. Germination time is directly related to the season. So, it is recommended to plant in the spring, because it is during this period that the sprout will appear the fastest.

Seed avocado sprout

First, fill a new pot about 75% full with potting soil.

      It is very important to make sure you have good drainage and good quality soil.  This is why I usually recommend Miracle-Gro Grow blends.

      Assuming your avocado tree has been placed in a pot, you need to hold the base (where the stem is) with one hand.  Then you need to turn the pot over and carefully pull out the tree.  Pull it out where the stem meets the soil.

      Finally, place it in your new pot.  And cover the rest of the ground with it.  Do not cover it higher than the stem meets the soil.

When the sprout grows a little (about 3 centimeters in height), it should be planted in special soil. It should be loose and easy to pass water and air. Do not forget about good drainage, because stagnant water in the soil can negatively affect the plant. So, the height of the drainage layer should be about 2 centimeters.

 For planting a sprout, you can choose a small pot, and after a year it will need to be transplanted by taking a larger container. Make a small depression in the substrate and carefully place the bone in it, so that it rises 1/3 above its surface. Then pour over the avocado. To do this, use settled water. It is better if it contains very little salt, so it is recommended to filter the water.

Another important element to understand when learning about growing avocados in pots is fertilization.

      Fertilize the avocado immediately after planting.  Make your life easier and follow the directions on the back of your fertilizer package.

A well-lit place is chosen for the plant. You can feed avocados 1 or 2 times a month. Mineral fertilizer is excellent for this. With good care, your tree will grow very quickly. In the event that the plant lacks light, it can noticeably stretch out, then its shoots will need to be pinched. Understanding whether you need to water the avocado or not is very simple. Deepen your finger into the substrate on the 2nd phalanx, if it is wet there, then watering is not performed.

To create a spectacular bush, sprout 3 seeds at the same time and plant them in one container. As they grow, a pigtail will need to be weaved from their stems. It should be noted that the pigtail should in no case be tight, the gaps between the segments are required. The fact is that the trunk gradually grows, and in the case of dense weaving, the plants may lose their decorative effect. If there is a gap, the braiding is fixed due to the good flexibility of the trunk.

As a rule, at the age of three, the avocado begins to bloom. Green-yellowish flowers bloom on the tree. For pollination of flowers, you will need at least 2 plants, as it must be cross.

In warmer months, it is recommended to take the avocado outside, and it is better to place it in the garden under the shade of tall trees. In this case, it should definitely bear fruit already in the 3rd year of life.

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