Best 9 Gardening Books 2022 For Beginners

We live in an era of instantaneous everything.  Instant rice, instant communication, and most importantly... quick-drying nail polish!

      But there is one thing you cannot speed up, and that is your garden.

      I found out about this when my fourth grade teacher made us put seeds in a paper cup.

      I woke up every morning excited to see how my seeds were doing.

      Did they grow overnight?  Did they need to be watered?  When will they be ready to go outside?  When will they finally bloom?  What will sunflower seeds look like when they are ready to be harvested?

      This experience taught me hard lessons in patience in the garden.  As much as I wish my plants would grow faster, they didn't.

      But in late summer, when those seeds grew into 6-foot sunflowers with dinner-plate-sized flowers, I became a passionate gardener.

      And maybe you want to grow a garden for the same reason.

      Or maybe you want:

      your family to have greater access to healthy, high quality food and know where their food comes from

      spend more time in nature, put your hands on the ground, slow down and reduce stress give your children the same experiences you had as a child, such as picking ripe raspberries with your red sticky hands, eating as much as you put in your bowl.

      Or maybe you just want to bring more beauty to your world.

      And while your garden, like my sunflowers in fourth grade, can't be sped up, there's one thing about gardening that you can sped up.

      You can become a gardening expert early on by purchasing some good books that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

      And while this list of gardening books is perfect for beginner gardeners, experienced gardeners can learn a lot from these books as well.

      As Cicero said: "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."

      Well, everything except quick-drying nail polish!

 How is this list of gardening books different?

      This is not a compilation of other people's reviews of gardening books like other lists you can find online.

      I am very obsessed with gardening books and have read hundreds of them.

      I have read and used all the books on this list.  And I have high requirements for what gets on this list.  There are many so-so books on gardening, but you won't find them here!

      A gardening library filled with quality gardening books will improve your gardening skills no matter how long you've been gardening.

      After all, no one is born able to work in the garden!

1. Backyard Miracle Farm System  By Michael Sherman 

The system is not complex at all and how it operates can be understood by anyone with a bit of learning. It is just a mixture of processes that regulate in a rotational mode. 

Systems that serve one another and provide every person in your family, including you, with fresh food. The main components of this scheme are the Wiggler Worms.

You are able to get fruits, fresh vegetables and fish for everyone by using two or three basic methods. Let's not forget that you have the ability to generate new and clean water as well. And in the event of an immediate situation, clean water is more than necessary.

It is deliberately designed so that anyone with a single hand can assemble it. The only prerequisite is for you to understand how directives should be followed categorically. That's just about everything you need to set this device up. 

The steps involved are so minimal, but they are vital for this system to be created. Michael Sherman has made sure the system is universal and it can be developed by anyone. And it doesn't matter if you're bad at building stuff and not technical at all. The system is very simple to set up; just as simple as assembling children's toys. But as the concept would offer an outlook of an ingenious project design, the result will surprise you.

Something amazing about this program is that it uses at least 90% less water in comparison to the normal farming approach. 

You can get 6 times more yields than in the traditional approach. You will be required to introduce the red wiggler worms in your field for enriching and boosting productivity. The microbes add more richness and nutrients to the farm. Food crops can then be cultivated. 

The product can be utilized as a fish feed which on the other hand fertilizes the vegetables and fruits. In addition, a continuous water purification system cleans the water throughout. This is a continuous cycle that will constantly supply you with food.

2. Backyard Healing Herbs By Mary Swanson & Donna Nicholson

Backyard Healing Herbs By Mary Swanson & Donna Nicholson

Backyard Healing Herbs are traditional forms of medicine that can heal a wide range of chronic diseases and other conditions. These herbs are natural remedies that you can plant in your yard.

They are about 150 years old as they were ‘discovered’ in the 1800s by the grandfather of Mary Swanson, one of the guide’s contributors, as he worked as a doctor in merchant ships. 

Mary’s grandfather would collect herbs and remedies from ports of different countries that they visited, and eventually, created a system that he recorded in a notebook. Mary was fortunate enough to inherit that notebook. 

She made use of the information therein by growing the herbs in her backyard and using them for medicinal purposes as well as selling them. The latter is how Donna and Mary became acquainted.

3. Mushroom Growing 4 You By Jake White's Methods 

Mushroom Growing 4 You By Jake White's Methods

Mushroom growing for you is a complete manual to grow mushrooms all from home. A program that teaches how to use natural, organic methods to plant and care for mushrooms in order to grow mushrooms that are healthier and cheaper compared to those grown using chemicals.

 In addition, individuals can find quick and easy ways to build and sustain the required atmosphere for optimal growth in this program. It also teaches you some simple methods for improving the moisture, growth and potency of mushrooms, and comprehensive techniques for harvesting their mushrooms properly.

 Mushroom Growing 4 You is a helpful system for farmers wanting to learn how to cultivate natural great tasty mushrooms.

4. Bonsai Tree Made Easy By Michael James

Bonsai Tree Made Easy By Michael James

The system will work for you if you have a “green thumb” or absolutely no experience with gardening.  If fact I was a pretty accomplished gardener but bonsai creation and care is very different from raising tomatoes-believe me.

What I discovered was that anyone can create a bonsai if you have the knowledge.

The bonsai art started centuries ago with Buddhist monks in China.  They had very little knowledge of the demands of growing a dwarfed tree in a small pot.  As they developed the techniques necessary for success the art form flourished and spread.  Fast forward to today and that specific knowledge is available to your and me.

If you know how to prune a branch, water and feed the tree in a specific way you can easily succeed with this exciting and satisfying hobby right in your home.  Once I learned the specific techniques I found that creating a bonsai is extremely easy to do. I can state this because.

5. Beekeeping 101 By Peter Hallam

Beekeeping 101 By Peter Hallam

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Beekeeping 101 is an ebook detailing how to start a beehive, take care of bees, and make money from all these. It builds on the desire to have another stream of income and the knowledge of the creator, a former beekeeper and beehive builder.

It details every step needed to ensure the hive is worth using and select the right Bee Species.

6. The Complete Grape Growing System By Charles Barclay

The Complete Grape Growing System By Charles Barclay

The complete grape growing system is a program that is meant to help you have the best vineyard layout. It gives the necessary steps to plan the construction and pruning techniques that make life easier while getting the grapes desired for domestic and industrial uses.


His over thirty experience makes him outstanding and trustworthy if you aim to be successful in making a large or small scale vineyard.

 Most people wonder that grape is growing profitable, but the answer is not that much of a tassel since the system offers a better solution for excellence in having a vineyard. As long as the grape is growing with the utmost care and guidelines used in the program, the result can be effective for different operation sizes.  

It doesn't matter the location or weather conditions of your location since the rules and steps outlined explain ways of having a vineyard regardless of the place of residence. The end product of grapes is an outcome that is tasty and juicy as long as the required resources are available.

 The guide outlines the steps that result in quality and many grapes depending on the size of your investment.

 It challenges grape growers on hazardous chemicals and the ways of ensuring that the results are bountiful. The E-book is necessary when your goal is growing the grape vineyard in the correct way possible.

 Since grapes require specialized methods of taking care of them, the program offers ways of ensuring that the program is easy to follow and no mistakes can lead to loss of productivity. 

The owner has tested the steps and guidelines, and you can rest assured that everything in this guide is safe and applicable to your vineyard. The eBook is made up of different chapters that can be used to make life easier in your vineyard and understanding more about vines.

7. Hydroponics simplified by stella 

Hydroponics simplified by stella

This is an important segment of the introduction. It spells out the facts and explanations this e-book offers you. The basics a person practicing hydroponics should have are all explained her.

 This means you will have details that will set you apart from ordinary hydroponic farmers.

Plants react to weather and climate. For that reason, you need to know which weather requirements to work with. You cannot defy the weather when dealing with plants and that’s why you have to be keen when going through this e-book. All the weather requirements you need will be shared in the latter chapters.

After all is said and done, you will need to set up a structure that allows for hydroponics to take place. The book will let you know all the requirements you need and how to do the set up. 

The construction process is detailed in the latter chapters and that’s why you have to read to the end. There’s more about this book that is talked in this introductory part.

8. Ideas 4 Landscaping

Ideas 4 Landscaping

Have you heard of the Ideas 4 landscaping program? It’s a program designed to provide you with many landscaping ideas coupled with their designs, pictures, and themes.

In total, you should work with 300 pages, all with ideas that can work for whatever backyard or garden you have at home.

Instead of taking on a general route and advising you on the surface, this book takes on an in-depth perspective.

So, on each page, you should find guides that have a step-by-step approach to help you hack the correct implementation.

But the best part about it? The book has more than 7,250 landscaping designs! So, whatever design you want, you can rest assured that you can get it in the program. Did we mention that it also features video and slide tutorials?

9. 15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans By Howard Barnard

15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans By Howard Barnard

Are you eager to finally start living an eco-organic lifestyle? Do you want to save money and eat healthy eggs made in your own backyard. This book teaches you how to do that. It teach you how to build your own chicken coop from scratch and walk you the way step by step.

 You don’t need any experience in carpentry to build the best coop on your own. Talking about easy coop I have to confess that I tend to be enthusiastic about this book because it helped me and many others building our own chicken coop. 

This book created by a collection of experts in sustainable farming with 600 pages and 15 different plans. By reading easy coop you will learn how to build a coop in your backyard and you will save a lot of money on the market eggs and substitute them with healthier eggs from your own backyard.

Easy coop has step by step plans to build your coop with very clear illustrations. For me being a newbie I never worked with wood before and reading this book gave me insights and taught me a lot so here what I like the most in “Easy Coop” work plan

10. Aquaponics 4 You By Richard Lemmons

Aquaponics is a type of farming that involves raising fish, which is known as aquaculture, and hydroponics, which is growing plants without soil. 

This type of farming grows plants, together with fish in an integrated system. This organic gardening secret has helped farmers grow ten times their normal produce, without using soil, adding manure, and watering their plants.

You get healthier plants while the fish is doing the rest of the work. Plants grown in aquaponics are extremely healthy and have an amazing taste. People will be surprised at how fast and healthy your plants grow, yet they have never seen you working on your farm.

What to look for in the best gardening books!


Best 9 Gardening Books 2022 For Beginners

      With so many books on the market and so many places to buy them, it can be difficult to find the right book.

      Buy a book that has:

      The author is an expert.  One of the best ways to determine if a gardening book is good is to make sure the author is an expert in their field.

      Awards.  Look for awards, bestsellers, and endorsed by organizations.

      Ease of reading: short sentences and lots of pictures.

      Reviews.  While the quantity and quality of reviews shouldn't be your only factor, they will give you insight into the opinions of others.

      Where else to find information about gardening

      gardening books to read

      Whether you've read all 9 of the recommended best gardening books.