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Bonsai Tree Care System Overview
Full Review

Turn your visions into reality by growing healthy, beautiful and long living bonsai trees using the information provided by author, Michael James in his eBook, The Bonsai Tree Care System.

Who is the creator of this product and why should they be trusted?

        The product was created by James Michael, who has thirty years of experience in creating bonsai.  James made a lot of mistakes when he started growing a bonsai tree because, as a gardener, he thought that caring for his bonsai trees was no different from regular gardening. 

 He made a few mistakes but didn't give up.  For the past three decades, Michael has been growing bonsai trees and follows all instructions. 

 The reason you should trust him is because many people have tried his methods over the last three decades and have been 100% successful.  

There is a certain order which must be followed if followed carefully;  creating bonsai becomes much more comfortable and successful.  His friends, families and even newcomers have witnessed the success of Michael's procedure.

        What is the product about and what does it include?

        This product is designed to successfully create bonsai trees with the help of the guide provided.  The bonsai tree care system is the result of thirty years of experience of the author.  

The bonsai tree care system contains information that, if followed correctly, guarantees 100% effectiveness, since the final tree will be a reflection of your vision of this tree.  

The bonsai tree care system includes the history of bonsai, how the author began his bonsai journey, special bonsai tools, healthy roots, branches and a healthy look. 

 In addition to this, the tree care system contains an overview of styles, recommended tree species, basic bonsai styles, stem position, root orientation, styles, etc.

 These are some of the elements that go into bonsai tree care.  The information provided points users of this e-book in the right direction on how to succeed with their bonsai trees.

        What problem can the product solve?

        In most cases, people have the assumption that the bonsai tree is difficult to care for. 

 The main reason they say this is because they don't have the necessary information on how to successfully care for their bonsai trees and see how the tree reflects what they envisioned. 

 The Bonsai Tree Care System solves this problem by providing the detailed information needed to make bonsai tree care rewarding, enjoyable and much more manageable. 

 In addition to this, the tree care system also provided information on how to water, prune and maintain the correct temperature for the bonsai tree.

  It helps users of this information to avoid over- or under-pruning, over- or under-watering, and to choose the right temperature for healthy tree growth.  The care system also advocates frequent monitoring of the tree to make sure the tree is safe and growing healthy.

        What is the format of the product and what do you get?

        The product is delivered in the format of an e-book.  Once you place your order, you will have instant access to the e-book and will be ready to start your bonsai tree care journey. 

 The e-book has step-by-step procedures for users to follow in order to achieve maximum satisfaction and desired goals.  Creating a tree is an art that comes from the mind, and the chances of bringing this vision to life are 100% guaranteed.  

Bonsai trees need a lot of care and attention, and it is desirable that the tree be clearly visible to the owner when he comes home so that he can deal with any problems as soon as they arise.  The purchase of the book comes with a free bonus when people receive the transcribed e-book.

        Who is the product intended for and how effective is it?

        The product is for everyone who is interested in owning a bonsai tree and making their home even better with the tree around.  The care system for bonsai trees requires caution from all gardeners, as the way they care for their plants in the garden is completely different from how a bonsai tree should be looked after.  Regardless of their experience in gardening, they should read the e-book and see the difference between growing tomatoes and growing bonsai trees.  Beginners can also use this product to have a successful bonsai growing experience from day one.  Care of bonsai trees turns into a hobby within a few minutes after following the recommendations.  The e-book is not illegal.  This is because it is packaged by one of the largest, most trusted and secure electronic document distributors, which is Click Bank and is highly recognized by the government. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bonsai Tree Care System Really Work?

        Users can get a 100 percent money back policy if the product doesn't work.

        Where can I download a bonsai tree care system for free?

        Some websites will try to lure you in by claiming that you can download Michael James' Bonsai Tree Care System for free.  Their page titles might be something like "Bonsai Tree Care System, Free PDF Download". 

 Then you get to a site and they try to justify it by saying it's "risk free" and then they point you to a site where it costs $14.77.  Well, for me, no risk and FREE are not the same thing!  While you can technically try the bonsai tree care system risk-free thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee, you still need money to buy it in the first place, so it's not free.

  The bonsai tree care system is not a free program and any site claiming to be a free download is either not being completely honest with you or providing illegal copies, neither of which is good.

        Is the bonsai tree care system legal?

        This is common with sites that typically use a headline on their page that says something along the lines of "Bonsai Tree Care System: Another Scam!?!"  or "The Bonsai Tree Care System: Is Michael James a Fraud?"  or something similar.  

In other words, when you search for a bonsai tree care system on Google or another search engine, these sites appear in lists with those names.  Sometimes these sites also use what I call the "fear factor" in their headlines, something along the lines of "Bonsai tree care system: oh my god this is so bad!".  

Often this is nothing more than an attempt to lure you into their site by making you think they have used the product and have a really bad experience. 

 How do I know if these are fake and not real scam alerts or legitimate complaints?  Because the headline screams FRAUD!!!!!  or a really terrible experience, but then you go to the page and read the review and it's always an extremely positive, enthusiastic review about how good the bonsai tree care system is.  

In these cases, they only use the word FRAUD to try and lure you into their site because they know that if they say something is a scam or a terrible program, you will probably follow their link to find out  .  

more about that, right?  A legitimate bad experience or a real scam warning designed to help protect consumers is one thing, but don't fall for this type of gimmick and trust your intuition when the title/title of the page and the review don't match. 

 No real bonsai tree care system review will scream FRAUD or claim that it is a terrible program in the name, only to offer a review that says the complete opposite.

        Do you offer promo codes or discount coupons?

        Another version of the same is a fake discount.  "Buy from this link with a 50% discount."  Guess what, when you click on a link, you go to a website where it costs $14.77 as usual.

  I actually first noticed this on YouTube where people were making short 30 second videos claiming to have found discounted links to a bonsai tree care system.  

However, every time I checked one it was a huge disappointment and didn't offer any discount at all.  I never claimed to be a super genius when it comes to math, but something about the numbers is just disgusting... let's see... $14.77 minus 50% off your link = $14.77!  Don't fall for these fake discount claims.  

The last thing I noticed about this is that sometimes people try to inflate the price of a program on their site to make it look like they're giving you a discount. 

 For example, they will say something like “Bonsai Tree Care System usually costs $59, but buy from my link for $14.77, save 75%!  “Another lie to watch out for. 

 The price will always be $14.77 unless Michael James decides to change it himself.  If it works, I'll be sure to let everyone know!

        Is there a list of products sold by Michael James?

        Bonsai tree care and bonsai styles e-books