14 best  Raised Bed Gardening Ideas

Gardening is really good for the body and soul, but can be terribly hard on the back and knees. Discover the raised beda wonderful gardening option that allows everyone to enjoy gardening.

Not only does raised bed gardening become physically easier, raised beds can also be a beautiful design element in your landscape. The rows of raised garden boxes are presentable and tidy, with walkways between them providing an opportunity to add additional decorative materials to your yard. Browse our top garden bed ideas and find inspiration for your own garden design today.

Raised garden bed ideas against the wall

If your home has a sunny backyard wall, it's a good idea to place your garden across from it. Some homes since the middle of the last century have included this style of built-in flower boxes. If you're lucky and there's enough sunlight, this is the perfect place to put your garden. Otherwise, it will be quite easy to build a garden bed with your own hands along a wall or fence.

Cinder blocks, laid stone, bricks, and recycled wood are all great materials for building a raised bed along a wall. The depth of the bed should be about 60 cm, so that it can be easily reached to the very end. The ideal depth for raised beds is 30 to 60 centimeters. If you're growing a climbing or flowering vine, be sure to hang a trellis behind the bed so the vine has something to grab on to.

Raised garden bed ideas for summer cottages

Raised bed gardening is perfect for today's small gardensInstead of the classic rows of vegetable crops planted directly in the ground, all kinds of vegetables are placed in raised garden boxes. These neat raised beds are easier to navigate and manage than the old garden beds.

If you have animals in your backyard, garden boxes can protect your valuable plants from them. Protect your garden or herb garden from birds, rabbits, raccoons, and other wildlife with wire mesh or a detachable pest control. They help protect your plants when you're not around and can be easily removed to maintain your backyard garden.

Finished garden bed ideas

One of the easiest ways to get started in gardening is to purchase a complete gardening kit. They are gathering quickly. If you can't find a prefabricated garden bed, consider using galvanized tanks instead. They will also give your landscape a cheerful country house vibe.

You can also build a raised bed by stacking cinder blocks into low walls. You can complete this simple version of the raised bed design in a day. Besides, it's inexpensive. Use them to grow food, but keep at least one as a flower bed if you like fresh cut flowers. Or plant flowers in the holes on each cinder block to create a flower border around your garden.

Ideas for indoor garden beds

An enclosed raised bed is one that has a wire fence around its top. This type of garden box is very useful if you have a lot of pests in your area. The body is usually a wooden frame with wire mesh or some other type of wire panel. This type of garden enclosure allows you to protect your precious food, herbs or flowers.

Your garden enclosure can be as tall as a room or much smaller. Some small garden boxes have hinged tops that lock at night and open when you need to weed or harvest.

Raised flower bed ideas

A raised flower bed adds beauty to your patio - front, back or side. You can purchase garden planters in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Set them singly for a mixed container garden look, or group them for a great overall garden design.

The representative and informal flower garden design works with the garden bed. Clusters of wildflowers can look like they have grown naturally, creating an informal garden atmosphere. You can achieve formality by stacking layers of tall, medium, short, and hanging plants for a floral-like arrangement. Be sure to use soil types specifically designed for growing flowering plants.

Landscaped Raised Garden Ideas

Raised beds will fit perfectly into any landscape. If you like the look of the baskets, make your beds out of a wicker fence. You can make this attractive raised bed idea out of twigs woven using the basket weaving method. Their round shape will add beauty to the landscape, and you can use trellised tepees to support climbing plants.

Add creativity to your garden plan by alternating the materials used to create each bed. For example, place a round galvanized container garden between two wooden garden boxes. Make a wood bed out of recycled mahogany, repurposed wooden pallets, or treated wood made for the purpose. Refrain from using recycled railroad ties, as they allow harmful chemicals to enter the soil.

Raised Garden Bed Arrangement Ideas

How you plan your raised bed garden design will depend on the size of your yard and how much sunlight your plants needThe garden bed can be one small container, or your garden design can include multiple flower pot options throughout the yard. Make sure that the size of your garden area is proportional to the size of your house and yard.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your plantation and garden design. Arrange pies-shaped garden beds around a central sculpture or fountain. Visually soften the edges of your growing area by running grassy paths between garden boxes. If you don't want to mow your grass, cover the ground with landscape cloth and lay a thick layer of pretty gravel or mulch over it.

Metal garden bed ideas

Metal is a popular choice for garden pot designs, especially among those with a rustic flair. Galvanized inventory tanks are one of the easiest options for metal garden beds. If they are too big for your yard, look for smaller options in metal or metal and wood combinations. A small vegetable garden can easily be turned into a flowery patio by filling a galvanized tub with compost.

Make a wooden frame for the flowers, then frame each side with corrugated metal panels for a contemporary combination of metal and wood. The metal garden border is easy to install and perfect for cropped, curved garden beds. Note that the only downside to using metal in construction or edging is that it can rust over time. If this happens, your garden will no longer look as neat as you would like, although some people prefer the rusty look.

Ideas for sloped or tiered garden beds

A tiered or sloped yard requires an elevated garden bed design that adapts to the landscape. Tiered garden ideas include staggered planters with taller plants on the upper levels and shorter ones below.

The soil itself inside a large raised bed can be sloped to match the natural curves of the ground underneath. Square foot gardening works well on a slope when each 4×4 bed is laid in several overlapping rows.

Ideas for a small garden bed

In a way, a small raised bed is the easiest. Although your vegetable crop will also be small, it is much easier to plant. In a small garden, there is less room for weeds, which speeds up daily care.

Small tall garden boxes are also more economical than a series of large raised beds. The keyhole garden is pie-shaped with a carved wedge or a square U-shaped design. Such small raised beds can accommodate a surprisingly large number of plants.

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Ideas

As a general rule, vegetables do very well in garden beds, as they can contain the ideal type of soil for growth. In addition, in the spring, the beds warm up faster, extending the growing season. Growing vegetables with edible roots, such as carrots and beets, in a raised bed makes harvesting much easier.

The raised bed garden uses a drip irrigation system, especially during the hot summer months. Low-flow irrigation systems, such as micro-sprinklers or weir hoses, are easy to adjust and are unlikely to over-wet your soil.

Ideas for raised beds with legs

If the soil in your area is too wet, you can build a pedestal bed to keep the moisture from disturbing the integrity of the soil. Having a space between the bed and the ground will help you properly regulate moisture levels and ensure optimal drainage of your beds.

Legged beds come in big and small, and you can adjust their height yourself to make gardening easier for your height. You can also use open top garden boxes for planting areas.

Ideas for raised garden beds with trellises

If you intend to plant alpine roses, green beans, morning glory or other climbing vines, you will need a trellis in your garden. A trellis (lattice) is a classic lattice structure between a garden bed and a wall or fence. Or a trellis can be similar to a wigwam in its construction, consisting of pillars radiating from the edges of a round planter and converging at the top.

Climbing plants can add visual interest to your garden, whether you use it to grow flowers or vegetables. Create a natural barrier between two garden boxes by placing a trellis between them. In a few months, your vines will have grown to form a green wall separating the two lots.

The idea of ​​​​a raised garden bed made of wood or a pallet

Raised beds made from recycled wood pallets add a rustic vibe to many home gardens. You can paint, stain, or leave the wood bare, depending on the look you want. Use extra wood for a headband that is wide enough for sitting and tending plants. Some types of wooden garden beds include seats on one or more sides.

Wooden raised beds require a little more maintenance than some of the other options, but you can also easily upgrade them if you want to expand or create a deeper bed.