Every house has indoor flowers and plants. They serve both as decoration and decoration of the room. But few people know that in addition to beauty, indoor plants are real oxygen bombsA plant is a living being and lives by breathing. In fact, there are plants that release oxygen even at night. For a person, this is a huge benefit: nervousness, anxiety are reduced, the risk of insomnia is reduced. Scientists recommend purchasing one of the 10 plants from this list. It is they who release oxygen even at night, which will significantly help you fall asleep easier and ensure a healthy and sound sleep for you and your children.

1. Aloe vera.

This unique plant should be in every home! Aloe juice helps to cure any disease, especially known for its antiseptic properties. The plant is the leader among others in terms of the amount of oxygen released at night. In addition, the plant is not whimsical and does not need special care. In order to maximize the effect of the plant, you can place it in every room of your home.

2. Sansevieria (Teschin language)

The name of this houseplant sounds kind of scary, but it carries a lot of positive qualities. So "mother-in-law's tongue" should be in every home. This is one of the best natural air purifiers. And just like aloe vera, it does not require sophisticated conditions for its life and activity and requires minimal care - watering, and then as the soil dries. Ideal for those who are not particularly fond of indoor plants.

3. Neem (Indian Azadirahta)

Neem (Azadirahta indica) her second name is the plant of purity. Indian scientists have long taken note of the features of this plant. Not only does neem purify the air, but it also acts as a natural pesticide, creating a barrier between you and pesky flies and mosquitoes. In fact, neem goes beyond just killing pests, it absorbs them and also prevents new bugs from spreading by preventing them from laying larvae. The only disadvantage of a natural vacuum cleaner is high quality soil and a lot of sunlight.

4. Tulasi (Thin Basil)

This plant is valued not only for its taste, but also for its delicate aroma. Its leaves emit a very characteristic odor that has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Inhaling its aroma reduces anxiety and nervousness. In other words, tulsi has a relaxing and calming effect, thereby helping a person to relax and restore peace of mind. For particularly nervous individuals, this plant will become a panacea in the treatment and prevention of psychosis.

5. Orchid

A real decoration for any home. Its beauty is not comparable to other indoor plants. In addition to aesthetic satisfaction, it releases a lot of oxygen, mainly at night, so it is better to place the flower in the room where you sleep. This way, you and your loved ones will get a healthy and sound sleep. In addition, they also purify the air from xylene, a harmful dirty substance found in various dyes. In other words, thanks to the orchid, your house will be cleaner, fresher, it will be easier to breathe deeply in it. Careful care and the myth that the orchid is a whimsical plant is nonsense. It is enough just to water and provide enough solar energy. So if you are an inexperienced gardener, it will not hurt you to have an orchid in your house.

6. Orange gerbera

Undoubtedly, beautiful flowers simultaneously purify the air, and also relieve many diseases. The benefits of orange gerberas are as follows: they treat colds and also prevent cancer. It is important to note that this flower absorbs such a toxic substance as benzene. Gerbera promotes sound and quality sleep, it absorbs carbon dioxide exhaled by a person and releases oxygen instead. They are whimsical in transplanting and growing, but it's worth it if you really appreciate its beneficial qualities for human health.

7. Ficus Benjamin

In no case do not believe the myth that supposedly the souls of the dead live in its leaves! The beneficial properties of this plant are obvious. Ficus is a powerful source of oxygen, the leaves of this plant are also used to treat diabetes, prevent constipation and treat asthma.

8. Cactus Rozhdestvennik (Decembrist)

It blooms only in December, but benefits all year round! The cactus releases oxygen even at night, promoting healthy and restful sleep. It grows well in dark rooms, making it the perfect addition to your bedroom.

9. Plants of the palm family

Versatile plants and most commonly found in hospital and office lobbies. This plant perfectly cleans the air from harmful impurities and gases, and also moisturizes it, filling it with useful microelements. Not whimsical, grow mainly in dark places, because. they don't really like sunlight.

10. Kalanchoe

This flower, in addition to being of extraordinary beauty and attractiveness, also has rare useful properties. In order for Kalanchoe to grow and bloom well, the presence of water and an abundance of bright sunlight are very important. It is worth remembering that this plant fills the air with oxygen day and night . It is also reliably known that the smell of Kalanchoe effectively fights depression, bad mood and sleep problems.