13 Inexpensive Garden Bed Ideas 2022

Who among us has not dug in the garden, cursing everything in the world? For many, a trip to the dacha causes extremely negative emotions associated with the processing of various crops, which can be found all year round in any grocery store. 

Most of all (especially young people) the seasonal “potato cycle” infuriates, because in the absence of proper care, root crops grow small and in small quantities, as they say, “planted a bucket - collected a bucket” . This situation can be changed by the so-called high beds - special designs, thanks to which the crop becomes much larger, it is easier to grow it in Inexpensive Garden Bed Ideas , and such a garden looks neater.

1. Cabbage in bags

High beds made of non-woven fabric.  |  Photo: Pinterest.

High beds made of non-woven fabric. 

Raised beds made of nonwoven fabric are perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to build warm places for growing plants. By providing regular watering, in this way you can grow any vegetables and root crops.

2. Strawberry flower bed

Strawberry flower bed from a wooden box.  |  Photo: Home.

Strawberry flower bed from a wooden box. 

Growing strawberries in small raised beds makes maintenance much easier and increases yields. In our opinion, strawberries in small tall boxes look much prettier and neater than in the usual beds.

3. Garden behind the fence

Tidy garden with raised beds.  |  Photo: Homebodies.

Tidy garden with raised beds.

If you do not want to turn the cottage into a solid garden, just separate a piece of land for beds. Behind the fence, install several boxes to create high beds. Buy special soil, select drainage, fertilizers and insulate structures. You will get a neat garden that will save you from exhausting garden work, but will bring a stable rich harvest.

4. Potato box

High wooden bed for potatoes.  |  Photo: Pinterest.

High wooden bed for potatoes. 

Everyone who has ever encountered growing potatoes on the ground knows that they are often attacked by Colorado potato beetles and other pests. If you are not going to grow a whole hectare of potatoes and do not want to spend the whole summer hilling and spraying the beds, the editors recommend paying attention to the high beds. For example, you can put together tall boxes from boards, equip them with doors, insulate them, pick up drainage and plant potatoes. Then all you need is to water the beds on time and prepare for harvest.

5. Cucurbits in bags

Growing melons in bags.  |  Photo: Odnoklassniki.

Growing melons in bags. 

Growing pumpkin crops: watermelons, melons, zucchini, pumpkins in bags is an ideal solution for a summer resident. The garden looks neat, the fruits ripen faster, and the plants require minimal care.

6. Arch for pumpkins

13 Inexpensive Garden Bed Ideas

Pumpkin arch in the garden.

If you are tired of putting up with the fact that your crop of pumpkins, melons or zucchini is constantly attacked by pests, it is worth considering an alternative way to grow these crops. To do this, you need to build some kind of arch. Plants will braid the supports, and the fruits will come off the ground and be far from pests.

7. Trays for eggs

13 Inexpensive Garden Bed Ideas

Radish bed in egg trays.

Growing radishes in egg cartons is a unique planting method that can minimize plant care concerns. This method of cultivation will avoid mulching and constantly maintain the necessary soil moisture.

8. Raised Garden

High bed in a wooden box.  |  Photo: Pinterest.

High bed in a wooden box. 

From wooden boards, you can make a large high bed for growing a variety of crops. Equip the box with several trellises for climbing plants and divide it into zones. Thus, you will get a neat high garden, which will annually bring a rich, high-quality and early harvest.

9. Beds from profiled sheets

High beds from boards and profiled sheets.  |  Photo: Pinterest.

High beds from boards and profiled sheets. 

High beds made of wooden corners and corrugated board look very stylish and perfectly maintain heat. Such containers will serve you for more than one year, will allow you to put the garden in order and greatly facilitate the process of caring for plants.

10. Round beds

Round beds from a professional flooring.  |  Photo: Pinterest.

Round beds from a professional flooring.

Decking is a flexible material that can take on different shapes, which means that beds with walls made of corrugated sheets can be round, oval or rounded. This building material is also quite resistant to damage and perfectly retains heat, which makes it ideal for creating a variety of raised beds.

11. Garden in tires

High beds in tires.  |  Photo: Talkdecor.

High beds in tires. 

Enterprising summer residents can use used car tires to create raised beds. The rubber from which the tires are made is durable and perfectly retains heat. This makes old tires a practical and affordable material for creating the popular tall structures for growing crops.

12. Cinder blocks

A bed of cinder blocks.  |  Photo: The Spruce.

A bed of cinder blocks.

A magnificent bed of cinder blocks painted in bright colors will not only become a warm place for growing plants, but also a spectacular decoration of the garden plot. By the way, flowers can be grown in the holes of cinder blocks, which will make the design even more attractive.

13. Pallets

Different beds from pallets.  |  Photo: HomeDecorish.

Different beds from pallets.

Wooden pallets are a universal thing that will come in handy for any summer resident.They can be used not only to create stylish furniture, but also as a material for constructing high beds. For example, horizontal beds are suitable for growing strawberries and lettuce, and tall pyramids are suitable for growing tomatoes, sweet peppers and other tall plants.  Inexpensive Garden Bed Ideas .