Succulents are one of the most popular plants used for home decoration. They look very stylish and concise, fit into any interior, do not require special care and survive even in difficult conditions. What's more, it's easy to propagate succulents on your own, saving you a lot of money and time going to the store.

Succulents suitable soil

The easiest way is to purchase ready-made soil mixture in the store, designed for indoor succulent or cactus. In addition to it, you will need river sand and material to form a drainage layer, most often expanded clay. Drainage is laid out in the first layer in the pot, followed by moistened soil and, finally, wet sand. Some growers add perlite to their existing ingredients.

Speaking of soil, it is impossible not to mention the right container. It is more convenient to take a capacious and flat container, where all the sprouts will fit. There is no need to choose a container that is too voluminous, since in this case the succulents will begin to give all their strength to the formation of roots, and not to the growth of green mass. In this case, the development of the plant will slow down. The preferred potting materials are clay and plastic.

Regardless of the choice, it is important that a sufficient number of drainage holes are drilled into the bottom.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips

Succulents  reproduction

Succulents can be propagated in three common ways.


Breeding succulents is very simple with the help of leaves, moreover, this method is the least stressful for the plant itself. Some species even shed their own leaves when they are ready to breed. In this case, the discarded fragment is easy enough to insert into the ground, it can even be in the same pot where the adult succulent grows. The land must be well watered and loosened.

After about a couple of weeks, the leaves will sprout roots, and they can be planted in separate pots. The leaf itself should be taken strong, healthy, without injury.

It must be cut with a sharp tool, and not torn off or broken off.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips

Sometimes a succulent starts the process of reproduction on its own. The discarded leaf itself takes root in the soil and begins to form roots. It is important to track this process in time and plant the baby away so that the root systems of both plants do not intertwine. In some succulents, the leaf size is quite large, so not the whole leaf, but only part of it, is to be used. The cut will first have to be dried for several days, and then deepened one centimeter into a well-loosened substrate.

Some experts believe that if the leaf is strong and healthy, and the soil used is well moistened and drained, then it will be sufficient to immediately put the leaf in a pot so that the cut looks at the surface. Then the leaf will dry out and take root on its own.

At the rooting stage, it is better to irrigate the plant by spraying.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips


It is worth mentioning that the Aeonium succulent variety propagates only by cuttings taken from the top. This suggests that the use of leaflets in this case is impossible.

Reproduction by leaves is absolutely safe, especially when the leaf has separated on its own. In this case, there will be no wounds or stress for an adult plant. This method can also be called economical, because the baby is able to form in the same pot as a mature succulent, which means you don’t have to spend money on a substrate and additional capacity. Finally, the baby practically does not need to be looked after.

The disadvantage of this method is the very slow rate of appearance of the propagation material itself.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips


Succulents cuttings

Propagation by cuttings is no less popular way. The stalk is separated with a sharpened tool and set aside to dry for several days. Sections are pre-washed from poisonous milky juice and processed with crushed coal. It will be possible to plant a plant in pots only after the formation of roots. Rooting is carried out either in water or in sand.

The use of a liquid implies the preparation of clean and settled water, ideally boiled or filtered. The cutting is placed in the container so that its cut does not touch the bottom. The roots will appear in about a couple of weeks if the room is maintained at room temperature and good lighting. To speed up the process, you can create a mini-greenhouse by stretching clean polyethylene over the container. Additionally, even when lowering into the water, the stalk should be treated with a growth stimulator.

If the cut suddenly begins to rot, then the cutting will need to be cut, dried, treated with a growth stimulator and returned to a bowl of clean water.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips


When rooting a cutting in the sand, the substrate will first have to be sifted and calcined in the oven or fried in a pan. The cutting itself is treated with a strengthening composition, placed in the sand and watered with heated water. The depth of placement in the soil should be from 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters.

Cuttings have significant advantages over other methods. It passes faster than in the case of leaves and seeds. Rooting can be carried out both in water and in sand, which allows the gardener to choose the most convenient way. Finally, the young plant takes root faster and gets sick less often. However, a clear disadvantage of this method is the harm caused to an adult succulent.

A wound, even treated, can attract insects or provoke the appearance of diseases.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips


Succulents Seeds

Propagating succulents with seeds is considered quite a challenge. Firstly, it takes a lot of time, and, secondly, it requires constant monitoring and the creation of rather difficult landing conditions. This method is much more suitable for specialists for whom the cultivation of succulents has been elevated to the status of a profession, or experienced gardeners. In this case, due attention will have to be paid to the choice of the seeds themselves, the design of the mini-greenhouse, and the care of the plantings. The substrate should not retain moisture, and the drainage should be of high quality.

The first leaves in this case appear after a period of a couple of months to six months.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips


Before planting, the seeds must be dried for a week. An alternative would be soaking for a day in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Having placed the seed in the ground, it will have to be regularly irrigated and fertilized, following the schedule. It is allowed to raise the roof of the greenhouse only when the height of the sprouts above the ground is a couple of centimeters. The optimal soil in this situation is a combination of earth and sand, calcined in the oven, on top of which a two-millimeter layer of sand is placed.

A greenhouse, by the way, can be either purchased or a regular plastic wrap. Dive is carried out somewhere in four weeks following the germination of sprouts.

However, seating at permanent places of residence can be carried out only after six months.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips

Succulents are unpretentious plants, so even an amateur plant grower can handle caring for them at home. Irrigation of the soil should be regular, but not plentiful. The amount and frequency of application of water is determined depending on what time of year it is. In winter, if the succulent grows at normal room temperature, it will be enough to water once or twice a month. From about March, from the beginning of the growing season, irrigation is done once a week or 10 days.

Growing succulents at home, of course, it is worth feeding the plant, but in small doses. Fertilizers are applied once a month or once every two weeks. It is recommended to choose complex compositions containing potassium and phosphorus, but practically not containing nitrogen. The solution must be weak. Top dressing is carried out according to the instructions.

While the young sprouts are not yet strong, their care should be slightly different from the usual. The optimum temperature in this situation ranges from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. The difference between winter and summer temperatures should be smooth.

Lighting should be plentiful, even direct rays are allowed, but at midday, for some period, young sprouts should be shaded.

How to propagate succulents at home 2022 Tips

Succulents possible problems

Both with leaf and cutting propagation, it is important to keep track of some points that can lead to problems and even death of the succulent. Wrinkles on the planting material are considered the norm, but if the fragments change their color to brown or soften, then it is not recommended to use them further. The humidity level must be controlled. At the stage of emergence of roots and germination, excess liquid can lead to the appearance of mold and further decay. This situation can be prevented with the help of high-quality drainage and the initial purchase of a pot with a sufficient number of holes.

It is worth watering the succulent, be sure to check the condition of the substrate with your finger. If it is still wet, then, despite the schedule, the procedure will have to be postponed.

We must not forget about the importance of sufficient lighting.